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Traveling CNA Jobs

After you have gained a year or two of experience working as a CNA, consider working as a traveling CNA. Travel CNA jobs may be right for you if you like to discover new places and meet new people. CNA jobs are becoming more prevalent everyday due to changes in health care reform and as the population aging. CNAs work under supervision of a registered nurse, provide personal care and perform other patient-care duties within their scope of practice. CNAs gain new experience by working at travel jobs which increases their marketability if they ever decide to work at a permanent job again.

Choice of assignmentsCNA Training

When you find a nursing agency who hires CNAs, chances are they’ll have assignments in several areas of the nation. Assignments are usually 13 weeks long, with some being as short as 4 weeks and some as long as 26 weeks. You are able to request location and length of assignment in the state of your choice. Recruiters work to accommodate employee wishes as best as they can. If you particularly like one of your traveling assignments and demonstrate good work ethics, chances are you’ll be asked to work an additional assignment there at a higher pay rate.

Higher pay rates and great benefits

Travel assignments are known to pay a much higher hourly rate than permanent positions. Along with higher pay are medical, dental and other health benefits which are either company paid or offered at reasonable rates. Many travel agencies offer a completion and referral bonuses along with retirement plans and life insurance.

Paid travel and housing expenses

Travel agencies are known to pay for travelling expenses to and from assignments. They also provide housing or some agencies will pay a generous stipend to cover rent if you choose to find your own place while on assignments. Many employees choose receive the stipend and stay with family or friends in the states they choose to work in.

Travel with family a friend or pet

Working in a different part of the country is exciting but can get quite lonely if you don’t know anyone there. Many agencies encourage employees to travel with a family member or friend. They won’t pay for their travel expenses, but will allow them to stay in your assigned home for a small fee. Some travel housing also allow employees to bring their pets along. Read more..